Our History

Ultra Sharp Films

Michael and Tom met in primary school. Absolutely bloody ages ago. Almost immediately sprouted a friendship, fuelled by creative pursuits.

They began raiding the attics of family members to gather the equipment they needed to create films and music as a normal after school activity. Swapping out the teenage tradition to have a cider round the back of the shops.

When the time came to grow up and get a job, Michael hurled himself into the world of advertising, honing his craft as an editor. While Tom pursued a career as a musician, he worked in studios all over the place and toured the UK playing to audiences of anywhere between 2 and 20,000 people. The classic highs and lows of the music world.

Fast forward to The One Where They All Turn Thirty and the pair finally teamed up to form Ultra Sharp EST. 2017. Bringing to the table the combined experience needed to create a production company.

Since then Ultra Sharp has grown into a new studio in Hertfordshire where the team and services continue to grow.


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