Content Production Agency

A Creative Agency in Hemel Hempstead

Ultra Sharp are a content production agency.  

Creatively versatile, aesthetically focused and story obsessed. We are well versed in all the stages of content production. 

Whether you’ve already had that light bulb moment or you need that light bulb bringing to the table, we’ve got your back. 

We can work with you to build the concept from scratch and run it through the entire production process from storyboards to colour grade or simply rock up and facilitate your idea getting stuck in as much as you’d like us to. 

We surround ourselves with film, music and art in our day to day lives. It’s our passion in and out of the working day and we’ll find any excuse to bring that inspiration into the work we produce for you. 


Concept Creation

- Treatments

- Fresh perspective

Pre Production

- Storyboarding

- Casting

- Location Scouting

- Scheduling and all that nitty-gritty stuff 👍


- Cinematography

- Photography

- Lighting

- Sound Recording

- Animation

- Drone

Post Production

- Editing

- Colour Grade

- Sound Mixing

- Motion Graphics

- Photo Editing



Social Media/Digital Content Creation



Video Editing

Photo Editing

Drone Video/Photo (CAA Approved)

Music Videos

Lyric Videos

Colour Grading

Audio Recording/Mixing

Multitrack Recording/MixingMusic Videos

Live Performance Filming

Music Composition

Sound Design

Motion Graphics



Explainer Videos

Internal Communication Content

Mood Films


Using Format